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Medical Resource Network

   Oklahoma Family Health, (OFH), is a Medical Resource Directory printed twice a year to inform and educate families on services that are locally available. Provider Networking Events are organized by OFH to network providers with one another. Community Health Fair Events are organized by OFH to bridge the gap between families and local providers, providers will have the opportunity to offer screenings and education on services, qualifications, locations, etc.,. We are honored for the opportunity to partner with local providers and thankful that together we are able to provide families with information and education on local medical resources.

Benefit for providers

  1. Increase referrals by educating families and networking with local providers.  

  2. Advertising for duration of Partnership.

  3. No Booth Fee for Health Fairs organized by OFH, during partnership duration. 

  4. Free OFH Networking Event participation. 


Benefit for families: 

  1. Families become aware of local services with Provider information published in OFH Medical Resource Network publication.  

  2. Families have the ability to meet local Providers and staff and Community Health Fair Events. 

  3. Families receive Health education and screenings at OFH Community Health Fair Events.



Not limited to the following: 

  1. Community Health Fair Events organized by OFH. 

  2. All Local Providers, Referral Coordinators 

  3. Case Managers (upon approval)

  4. Metro School Districts (upon approval)

  5. Virtual copy emailed to providers and OFH contacts. 

  6. Free virtual copy on OFH Website: www.oklahomafamilyhealth.com


Printing Frequency: 2 times per year

To Place an Ad in the Next Publication Contact: 405-561-1951 to reserve your placement.
50% deposit to reserve Ad space.