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--Organize Health Expo

--Senior Resource Guide 

--Organize Lunch and Learn & networking events

We will provide our community and our providers information and on local resources for their patients and their families. 

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About Joanna

Joanna's passion is to provide resources and information about non profit and for profit organizations and services to our Oklahoman brothers and sisters. These local services offer vital services, care or assistance to Oklahoma Families.


There are 2 main ways we serve Local providers, Local employers and our Community, Oklahoma Family Health organizes Senior Health Expos and publishes Boomers and Seniors Resources publication.

Oklahoma Family Health organizes Employee Health expos, to help get vital resources pediatric - geriatric to our "sandwich generation" those who are charged to make decisions for loved ones of all ages. 

Joanna has a very supportive family at home, her amazing husband of 17 years and three kids make her smile. Add to that a strong relationship with her family including her parents and in-laws as well as her network of amazing friends. It is easy to see why she is a success. Her focus is on helping others, she starts each day with the plan to serve and to fill a need to make life a little easier for her fellow man.

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